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Our products where developed with the insight of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists.  Along the way way have been independently measured and tested by science laboratories.  With this guidance we developed,  tested and improved our designs and processes.  The result is products that serve a purpose and stand up to scientific testing.

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An EmbraceAIRPlus back support treatment example:

Injured spinal tissue has a drastically limited capacity for carrying load and stress. Many of your clients will drive to your clinic in a 10-20 minute commute. Being seated in their vehicle for this period of time has them sitting with increased flexion, causing lumbar kyphosis, and essentially ‘using up’ their tissue capabilities before they even begin their treatment. Having them utilize EmbraceAIRPlus allows  them to comfortably maintain and support their natural lordosis .  They will arrive to your clinic with full capacity for treatment; you will be more successful in their rehabilitation; they will be thankful you have provided them with a back support product that actually works!  In fact, our products are proven to carry an unsolicited referral rate of over 23% due to client’s increased satisfaction.

We offer many clinical support programs, including demonstration units for your front office, Motion Medicine travel-sized containers or single treatment pouches for patient evaluation, product display racks, coop advertising or other customized programs you’’d like to discuss.

Please give us a call at 1-800-361-0228, or fill out the below online inquiry form and we will respond to you within one working day.

Thank you for learning more about our pain relief equipment and products. We look forward to developing a close working relationship with you, and most importantly, helping your patients get better and stay better.

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